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Bird watching

Duration :- 16 days

Destinations :- Awash NP, Rift Valley, Langano, Bale Mountains, Negelle, Yabello and Awassa

Day 01: Up on arrival at the Bale International airport you will meet a Base Ethiopia agent and you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 02: In the morning drive to Awash NP. Where you can see lesser flamingos, common cranes , white pelicans and marabu starks. Overnight at Awash Falls lodge.

Day 03: Drive across the plains looking for kori and Arabian bustards, antelope including the beautiful beisa oryx which is restricted to the horn of Africa. Other large animals including soemmerings gazelle, salts dik – dik, alive babook, wathog, vervet monkey and nile crocodile. One of the spectacular birds here is the secretary bird. And also there are black – winged love bird, rosy – spatched shrike and martial eagle. Overnight awash falls lodge.

Day 04: In the morning drive to south to the rift valley lakes region. in this valley you can see bruces green pigeon, Senegal – thick knee, black crowned crane, African pygmy goose, African and lesser jacanas. Overnight Bishangari Lodge.

Day 05: You will visit around Langano. Here you will see narina trogon, yellow fronted parrot, tambourine dove, Abyssinian ground – thrush, sharps starling and others. Overnight at Bishangari Lodge.

Day 06: In early morning we will drive to Abijata – Shala reserve which is great for raptors and we should get some antelope species too, such as grants gazelle. Its also a good place to see Abyssinian wheatear. Overnight at Simbo beach hotel.

Day 07: Early morning drive to Bale Mountains NP. On the way we will be looking out for the endemic spot – breasted lapwing, Abyssinian long claw and Erlanger’s lark. At some small crags we will have a good chance of seeing cape eagle – owl. We will proceed to Goba. Overnight in Goba.

Day 08: There will be a full day visit of the Saneti plateau, Abyssinian woodpecker, white – cheeked turaco and the Bale parisoma. the Ethiopian wolf tends to emerge once the day warmed up. The plateau is dramatic with unique flora including giant lobelias, small and watt led ibis. Rougets rail can often be seen by the road. We will also look out for moorland francolin and verreauxs tawny and golden eagles.

Day 09: On the second of Bale mountain visit we head to Dinsho lodge, the park head quarters. The woodland around the lodge is home to the endemic mountain nyala, a beautiful antelope, bohor reedbuck, Meneliks bushbuck, klipspringer and salts dik – dik are regularly seen. This is probably the best place to see Abyssinian catbird, white – backed tit and brown woodland warbler. The park guide may well know the location of roosting Abyssinian and African wood owls.

Day 10: On the third day of our Bale mountain we will keep visiting the above mentioned species and others.

Day 11: Drive across the the plateau to reach Harrena forest where there is some excellent birding. Here we will see one of Ethiopia’s most sought after birds, the very attractive prince Ruspolis Turaco. Overnight Negelle.

Day 12: We will have a full day visit around Negelle for looking an endemic Sidamo lark, one of the most threatened birds in Africa.

Day 13: Early morning drive to Yabello. There you can see the highly localized white – tailed swallow can be found along with many other interesting species. Then we head north looking for vuturine guineafowl and Stresemann’sbush – crow. The bush – crow is quite common withing its range. Overnight at Borena lodge.

Day 14: Visiting Yabello and the surrounding to see Stresemann’s bush – crow , nesting tawny eagle, bearded and Nubian woodpeckers, African scups owl, pearl – spotted owlet, crested francolin and orange – bellied parrot. Various doves and small birds such as the purple grenadier can be seen around there.

Day 15: Early morning drive to Hawassa through lower Ethiopian valley. After arriving to Hawassa in the afternoon you will have bird watching in the local park to see water birds such as white backed duck, African pygmy goose and Hottentots teal.

Day 16: In the morning we will visit some birds around Hawassa lake. Then in the afternoon we will drive back to Addis Ababa .